Randy Kozakewich

Randy Kozakewich

Sr. Associate

Randy's client relationships always begin with helping to instil a more complete understanding of investment, insurance and tax related strategies while his end game is consistently to create an appropriate financial structure utilizing the relative strengths of the wide array of companies/product lines he has at his disposal.

With each and every client interaction Randy strives to not only educate and help solve problems but also consistently work towards the achievement of identified life goals.

After graduating high school, Randy attended University where, after careful consideration of pursuing teaching or social work he settled upon taking a series of courses in Business Administration. Randy feels that all of these past educational interests / disciplines have played a significant role in terms of his job as a Financial Advisor in today's world.

In his former capacity as a Bank Manager (for nearly 15 years), too, Randy absorbed information and developed contacts that he feels have been very beneficial in terms of managing the many challenges of this industry.

Randy's approach in terms of meeting new prospective clients is to provide information for their consideration with no obligations attached. Once a client relationship is developed he sees the continual challenge as being to find avenues that will lead to the best possible results while also providing a positive atmosphere in the process. Randy believes that the many client referrals that he receives on a regular basis is a testament to the satisfaction clients feel with this process.