Kent Graham

G. Kent Graham, B. Ed.


Kent has been involved as an advisor with Independent Financial Services since 1994, working out of a satellite office in Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan.

He worked in the investment and insurance industry from 1994 to 2005 while also working as a teacher. Retiring from teaching in 2005, Kent has continued in the financial services business with more time to devote to his clients' financial needs.

Focusing on helping younger people set up sound financial strategies, he also has a growing number of clients who are approaching the "Golden Years" and are beginning to use the resources that they have accumulated to meet their retirement income needs.

Kent is licensed to sell GIC's and Insurance in Saskatchewan as well as Mutual Funds (through Investia Financial Services Ltd) in Saskatchewan and Alberta. He continues to be actively involved in the local Lions club and a local foundation for the promotion and recognition of volunteers in his community.